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Cheap car hire used to be a luxury for many, but despite the rising costs of fuel and vehicle ownership, it has to be said that car hire is proving more popular when people need a different type of vehicle because today, Americans are owning smaller, more compact vehicles and travelling nowhere near as far. Thanks to the spiraling costs of gas, many cheap car hire companies have emerged making car hire more of a reality than ever before.

These days, it's possible to hire a vehicle almost anywhere, and many cheap car hire websites are out there that can help you save a small fortune when it comes to hiring a vehicle. From luxury saloons to mid-sized compacts, there is just as much choice in the cheap car hire market as there is in traditional car hire. Indeed while it's true to say that vehicles are generally smaller in size and more economical in nature, that's just as much of a good thing for the car hire companies as it is for the American consumer.

With cheap car hire proving more and more popular, it's becoming the trend that car hire companies are now offering compact vehicles which are economical, efficient and most importantly reliable. Instead of gas guzzlers, many cheap car hire companies are instead offering vehicles such as the much acclaimed Toyota Prius which is an example of one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. It's also one of the most affordable car hire vehicles and it'll not only save you a fortune on rental fees you'll save a load on gas too.

However, even though car hire has never been cheaper, one of the most important things to be aware of is the fact that cheap car hire companies tend to have more hidden costs associated with them. As a result before hiring it's important to ensure that there's no mileage surcharge, no call out fees in the event of a breakdown and also that any insurance premiums payable will ensure that you're not stuck with a hefty bill in the event of an accident.

Even though many companies offer great discounts, the fact is that if you have an accident, you can be left paying thousands despite the fact the vehicle was fully insured. As a result cheap car hire is never truly as cheap as it seems, and while you may save a few dollars, you could very well end up paying a few more if you don't know exactly what's included.

Generally however, cheap car hire tends to be well run and you can be assured of a reliable vehicle and appropriate coverage. However when it comes to insurance and extras you may find that you have to pay a few dollars more to ensure that you not only get the car you want, but that everything you need is included in the deal. While a cheap car hire company may rent you a vehicle for $50, you may end up paying another $50 to get the extras you need.

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